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  • ayurvedic supplements

    Spices have a magical power to cure many diseases when used in a perfect combination and we have a range of hand picked and crushed spices.

  • medicinal mushroom

    Medicinal mushroom can be used effectively to cure many diseases but finding them is really hard.

  • herbal remedies

    All the herbs used in our remedies are found in high altitudes of himalayan range which are very hard to find.

  • aromatherapy

    We have a big range of aromatherapy oils which are derived through steam or first cold pressed.

  • herbal testosterone booster

    We have a great range of pre and post workout products and a truly lethal 100% herbal testosterone booster combine with herbs like asphalt and gokshura.

  • fitness

    Yoga and free running are two of the best routines you should include in your daily fitness regime.

  • organic honey

    Honey is truly a golden nectar straight from the gods it aids weight loss, boosts immune system etc. We use honey with our every product as enzymes present in milk and honey reacts well with the herbs we use in our products.

  • our stores

    Our organic stores all around india and asia.

  • our organic farms

    We have our organic farms in the the high altitudes of uttarakhand which is also well known as dev bhoomi.

  • coco orange

    Chocolate and orange are two of the most liked smells in the world and we combined both of them to make a tempting new variant of aromatherapy oil.

  • organic spices

    Cinnamon and clove are two of the most popular spices and also have many medicinal qualities.

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Our Exclusive Herbal Range - 100% Herbal

organic aromatherapy oils


This is our range of 12 different aromatherapy oils, this exotic aromatic range includes a variety of  aroma oils, slimming oils, massage oils and essential oils at very affordable rates.

200 ml

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Aroma Nectar

herbal perfumed bath tonic


Romix is a aromatic liquid which come in 10 different variants, it can be used in many different ways  mix it with bath salt to get you desired smell ,use is as a mouth freshener and also as a mood enhancer .


food colour, aromatic oils ,peppermint ,rose petals , water, etc.

Direction for use

Put 2 to 3 drops of this liquid in you bath tub along with the aroma bath salt to have a great relaxing bath .

Also can be used as a mouth freshener.

*No side effects

*100% herbal

*No expiry dates

*Add Fiber to your daily routine

40 ml



herbal hair remover


If you are looking to get a permanent hair removal solution, you don’t need to go far ro-wax hair remover is the best and the fastest in the market. It completely removes hairs from any part of the body equally well for both women and men. It softly removes unwanted hairs and leaves a gentle smooth skin with no side effects and rashes. It is the best hair removal formula and one of the quickest and painless method of permanent hair removal in a very short time.

It is the easiest and 100% herbal way to remove hairs with no pain and no tantrums.


thanaka, lemon, sandalwood, basil, turmeric, rose, chickpea ,Indian gooseberry, flax seeds, cardamom, mint,  pueraria tuberosa, azadirachta indica etc.

Direction for use

Mix half table spoon of this powder with lemon juice and apply it on to the are you want to remove hairs from keep it for 20 to 25 minutes till it is semi dry rub it and remove  repeat this after every 4 days.

repeat this process at least 20 times to permanently remove your unwanted hairs.

*No side effects

*100% herbal

*No expiry dates

120 grams



herbal skin whitening


White floss is our flagship product we have online for skin whitening, it also reduces scars, dark spots and under eye dark circles in other words you can say it is a all in one products for total skin care.

white floss is a unique product it is scrub, cream and face pack in one, in other words it is 3 in 1 action. it exfoliate,cleanses and nourishes your skin in a single go, made from 100% natural herbal extracts it is a very skin friendly and light on your skin. It contains natural omega 3 to enhance skin complexion and glow and will lighten the severely tanned area’s of your face in 5 to 6 applications making your skin glow with its full radiance.


milk solids, turmeric, almond fiber, Indian gooseberry, cardamom, basil, sandalwood, rose , flax seeds, lotus, lemon leaves, cucumber, licorice, vitamin c compounds, oat bran, rosemary, rubia cordifolia etc.

Direction for use

Mix one table spoon of this powder with 2 table spoon of cucumber juice and apply on to your face leave it for 30 minutes and after that lightly rub it on your skin with some water to exfoliate your dead skin and wash it away. Repeat this process once every week to get desired results.

*No side effects

*100% herbal

*Add Fiber to your daily routine

120 grams



White Floss

herbal bath salt


Nature Syrup’s 6th sense is a bath salt which is mixed with herbs like neem, rose, lemongrass, cardamom and arnica flowers etc to make your bath tub feels like an Asian spa . It also treats problems like cough, cold, fever, headache and congestion. But the main motive of this magical bath salt is to relax your mind and soul and make you feel good.


rock salt, licorice, rose , neem, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, nutmeg, basil, spearmint, mint, peppermint, lemon ,arnica flower, rubia cordifolia etc.

Direction for Use

Mix one tablespoon of this bath salt to a tub of lukewarm water and combine it with 2 to 3 drops of aroma vitalizer to have a relaxing bath spa.

* No side effects

* 100% herbal

*NO expiry date


6th sense

herbal slimming green tea


Herbo sipper’s is a never seen before herbal organic tea hand rolled and mixed with herbs like basil, mint, spices and dried flowers. This green tea helps you get in shape ,loose weight and also tastes great. It helps to refresh your mind and soul its  full of anti -oxidants and Probiotics which has revitalizing effect on your body and also helps in fighting the  ill effects of aging.


organic green tea, rose, mint, spearmint, nettles, basil, Indian gooseberry,lemon leaves, nutmeg, mace, bishop’s weed, fennel, ginger, lemon jest, neem ,licorice, cinnamon, clove, peppermint, cardamom etc.

Directions for use

Soak a very little amount of this tea approximately 2 grams or less then half table spoon overnight in a cup, in the morning slightly boil it and drink it.

you can also drink it without soaking it overnight ,but for best results of slimming tea you need to soak it.

* No side effects

* 100% herbal

*Add Fiber to your daily routine

200 grams



Herbo Sipper’s